What Is White-Glove Delivery And What Are The Benefits?

Benjamin Glouton
What Is White-Glove Delivery?

White-Glove Delivery is a premium service that we offer to our clientele. This delivery service includes assembly and packing of all your furniture and artworks, as well as set up in your new home, office space, or showroom. White-Glove Delivery is the perfect option for people who want to move with ease without worrying about assembling their furniture themselves.

This post continues with more content about the benefits of this premium service and how it can benefit you and your business.

What Is White-Glove Delivery Service?

White-Glove Delivery is a top-tier delivery and moving service that goes above and beyond. You call for them when you need items packed by experts who have utmost care, attention to detail, and know how to properly move any item–be it an antique or family heirloom.

White-Glove Delivery aims to make sure your belongings stay safe and secure throughout the entire relocation process. With 11 locations worldwide,  AirSea’s team comprises highly trained professionals who know exactly how to deal with any job, big or small. The care they give towards moving anything is second to none. Our employees aren’t regular laborers but craftsmen who meticulously pack crates, knowing where support must be applied for a balanced load during transportation.

When it comes time for them to move something fragile like art pieces, you can rest assure because AirSea knows what type of climate-controlled conditions need to be put into place before relocating an item to minimize any issues during transit that could damage its overall condition.

What are the benefits of using White Glove Delivery?

White-glove delivery service is ideal for Private Individuals, Art galleries, Interior Designers, Auction Houses, or Businesses whose shipments are of high value, perishability, or fragility. Due to the nature of the items handled, highly personalized services are needed. Providing such white-glove service offers four benefits to you or your organization:

  • Deeper customer trust and loyalty: Trust and loyalty are key drivers of customer experience. By creating a seamless cross-channel experience, companies can win over lifelong customers who will keep coming back for more as their needs evolve through time.
  • Reduced costs. Traditional customer service is one-size-fits-all. For example, businesses create standard solutions for disgruntled customers because they don’t want to lose business. However, companies that know their individual customers can tailor solutions to meet those particular needs at potentially lower costs than the organization’s typical standards—for instance, offering an immediate apology & solution rather than a gift card as an option when something goes wrong with the product or services provided.
  • Reduced need to call: Your white-glove provider will proactively resolve issues or contact all parties involved for a first-call resolution. Digital channels such as private tracking & client inventory portals can reduce customers’ need to call.
  • Increased revenue: White-glove delivery employs packing materials, expertise, and temperature control technology to keep your shipment safe throughout processing and delivery, resulting in a lower chance of damage or returns. Additionally, the white-glove company takes care of all your delivery logistics, leaving you with the freedom to focus elsewhere rather than solving problems. These benefits can far outweigh the cost of the investment required alongside providing a pleasant experience.

AirSea has built our White-Glove Delivery service on three pillars: Care, Handling, and Expertise.

Dependent on the complexity of the furniture, art pieces, or project, we can arrange for one of our lead representatives to view the items and formulate a plan. A team of specially trained professionals will arrive on moving day with years of experience to provide you with the utmost care, respect, and skills for a positive experience.

There is more to moving than knowing the right way to pack, carry, store and install. Our White-Glove service entails the correct and appropriate way to handling high-end furniture, fine art, and antiques. With experience dating back to 1966, it’s our business to understand the complexities and nuances of transporting the irreplaceable. Our highly personalized service goes above and beyond: no other company can match our professional standards of excellence or personal touch!

AirSea Packing has solved the logistical challenges of award-winning residential, retail, cultural, & hospitality projects worldwide. Acting as your logistics provider, our complete suite of white-glove services provides you with access to our teams that have assisted in redefining modern luxury worldwide.

Contact us to learn more about our white-glove delivery solutions. Please request a quote today and let us know how the AirSea Packing experts can help with your storage & delivery requirements.