AirSea Packing is proud to announce our newest location – AirSea Packing Atlanta LLC. 

AirSea Packing addresses the needs of interior designers, antique dealers, design furniture showrooms, art galleries, museums, global brands, and high net-worth private individuals both locally through their multi-city presence via its many subsidiaries in the US as well as worldwide.

Serving the needs of antique dealers and private collectors around the United States, AirSea Packing Atlanta LLC will provide the art galleries, collectors and interior designers within Atlanta the finest choice amongst white-glove shippers.

With a growing request for our services. The team at AirSea Packing Atlanta LLC is set to raise the standard for the delicate and intricate transportation of antiques, artwork, fine furniture and unique items in the Southeast.

Entering Atlanta will increase AirSea’s domestic fleet thus improving the frequency of trailers between cities to weekly. When it comes to the collection, shipping and caring of your items, AirSea Packing is a leader in white-glove shipping.

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