White Glove Movers: Moving, Storage and White Glove Relocation by AirSea Packing

For Private Households

white glove moving private households relocation


AirSea offers personalized support to plan and execute the packing, transport, and white glove delivery service, for white glove relocation of all your fine furnishings and artworks. The full range of our white glove relocation services include:

  • Site assessment and pre-planning for organized and efficient execution.
  • Local collections and deliveries with unpacking, placement and removal of packing debris.
  • Skilled crew for art hanging and installation.
  • Dedicated client support to plan and initiate any size project; Assisting with all inquiries from beginning to end.
  • Skilled teams of art handlers for careful packing, transport and final installation of artwork.
white glove movers private households storage


Smart and organized storage facilities with state-of-the-art security systems. Providing unique inventory coding and digital tracking for short and long-term storage. If your new home is under construction, we’ll store your valuables in our secure, 24-hour facilities, complete with concierge and inventory management to ensure access to any of your treasured items.

  • Secure spaces requiring approval for access and 24-hour, high-level security.
  • Suitable environments for artworks, antiques and valuable objects.
  • Spacious, well-lit viewing areas.
  • Concierge service for selecting and directing specific items as needed.
  • In-depth, digital Inventory management with item details including descriptions, locations, conditions and images.
white glove movers shipping


Shipping solutions for a single item to an entire household, anywhere in the world.

  • Import and export expertise to assist you with all import and export documentation and customs coordination.
  • AirSea owned and operated domestic fleet for timely and cost-effective shipping options for most size requests.

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