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AirSea offers personalized support to plan and execute the packing, transport, and white-glove delivery service, for white-glove relocation of all your fine furnishings and artworks. The full range of our white-glove relocation services include:

Client Consultation, Unpacking, Inspection, Tracking, Storage, Transporting your order, Placement in the room of your choice, and disposal of packing materials.

Regardless of the distance for your white-glove relocation services, we provide a simple, private, and upscale solution to relocating anywhere in the world.

  • Site assessment and pre-planning for organized and efficient execution.
  • Local collections and deliveries with unpacking, placement and removal of packing debris.
  • Skilled crew for art hanging and installation.
  • Dedicated client support to plan and initiate any size project; Assisting with all inquiries from beginning to end.
  • Skilled teams of art handlers for careful packing, transport and final installation of artwork.
white glove movers private households storage


As a leading white-glove mover, AirSea Packing offers an upscale white-glove storage service that provides you peace of mind with the knowledge that your valuable pieces are safely and securely housed within our smart and organized storage facilities with state-of-the-art security systems.

Furthermore, you can easily track and view your items at any given point with unique inventory coding and digital tracking for both short and long-term white-glove storage.

If your new home is under construction, we’ll store your valuables in our secure, 24-hour facilities, complete with concierge and inventory management to ensure access to any of your treasured items with white-glove delivery.

  • Secure spaces requiring approval for access and 24-hour, high-level security.
  • Suitable environments for artworks, antiques and valuable objects.
  • Spacious, well-lit viewing areas.
  • Concierge service for selecting and directing specific items as needed.
  • In-depth, digital Inventory management with item details including descriptions, locations, conditions and images.
white glove movers shipping


AirSea Packing offers deluxe shipping solutions, regardless of how big or small the objects – from a single item to an entire household, anywhere in the world.

Our position as a global leader in white-glove shipping, white-glove relocation services, and logistics has helped us further hone our expertise and knowledge gathered over five long decades and develop a strong and trusted network of fine art agents around the globe – all of which help us fulfill your shipping needs in an impeccable manner.

  • Import and export expertise to assist you with all import and export documentation and customs coordination.
  • AirSea owned and operated domestic fleet for timely and cost-effective shipping options for most size requests.

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