What Does White-Glove Delivery Service Mean?

Benjamin Glouton


White-glove service hearkens back to the days of butlers and valets, where exacting and precise service are given in a professional, prompt and pleasing manner. When you choose a white-glove delivery service, you get the most refined high-end delivery to be found, done by the best-trained professionals in the business. The quality of the service you purchase becomes an essential factor when handling and transporting luxury items and fine art in the tens of thousands.

White-glove delivery, which includes inside delivery, room of choice, placement, installation, and debris removal, is an AirSea Packing logistic solution designed for high-end, designer furniture, fine art, and antiques. A fleet of new, air-ride, climate-controlled vehicles allow delivery of items to your residence, business, and holiday homes promptly.

Our service makes it convenient for your business and customers to order products online and delivered through our weekly network with a white-glove delivery service. From scheduling, customer support, privacy to assembly, you won’t have to worry about any transportation issues with our turn-key service.

Relocation and Transportation

Before our trained professionals and art handlers arrive, a concierge project manager will perform a site assessment, gaining a complete understanding of your specific instructions regarding each piece that will be moved, and make a plan for the operation. The plan will be executed at the date and time that you require, and our handlers will pack and safely stow any art, antiques, and valuables. If need be, we will build custom crates for items to be stable and secure during transport.

Once packed and secure, we transport the items by land, sea, or air to their destination. The items will be GPS tracked, and you can receive real-time updates of exactly where your items are at all times. Our logistics center works with imports and exports and will smooth the way to move your valuables through customs and handle any documentation. We have 11 locations in major cities worldwide to receive your items, and we partner with fine art agents speaking over 180 languages to ensure safe transit.

Concierge Storage

If your items are to be stored, we have state-of-the-art facilities for warehousing, including climate control and the finest security systems. All items will be digitally inventoried so that, should you wish to inspect them, you can view them in a spacious, well-lit viewing area at a time’s notice. Each location is purpose-designed and managed by a team of industry-leading experts dedicated to the highest caliber of security, discretion, professionalism, and care.

Unpacking and Installation

Upon the valuables arriving at their destination, we handle all of the unpacking, ensuring the items are safely removed and taken out of crates with the same care when prepared for transport. The concierge project manager will have visited the site and will have pre-planned for where the items are to be placed, so there will be no confusion, and you can rest assured that the process will be smooth and safe. Once the installation is complete, our professional team will clean up any remaining debris, making sure to leave the area as spotless as when we first arrived.

AirSea Packing has been serving our customers as a
white-glove delivery service since 1966.
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