Why Interior Designers should have a Warehouse

Benjamin Glouton
Should Interior designers have a warehouse?

Its important clients have their expectations met and surpassed; for Interior Designers, the culmination of all your work is defined and presented upon the final reveal of your project to the end client. As the adage goes, “no individual is an island,” every Interior Designer requires an experienced team to assist with the physical tasks and logistical difficulties when completing projects of multiple scales, locations, and property types.

What to look for when deciding upon an Interior Design Receiving Warehouse?

Trust is integral to any business relationship, especially when you’re dealing with delicate products, one-of-a-kind, or of high value. The interior design receiving warehouse you choose to partner with should uphold the values and expectations you set for yourself alongside have correct client etiquette. Their employees, specifically those who’ll be on-site delivering and handling your pieces, should be in uniform and act professionally.

Receiving and Warehousing

When an item is moved out of a residence, gallery, or showroom, you should know where the receiving warehouse is, and that’s it company-owned. Once the pieces are received, they should be inspected and processed with personalized coding, marked with side marks and room locations. Upon inspection, the company should handle any issues with the manufacturer whilst keeping the interior designer updated.

Condition Reports

Condition reporting is the process in which items are inspected for any quality problems. Identifying these problems and resolving them ahead of install can save potential delays and avoid frustration upon finding any damaged items on location.

AirSea processes and conditions every item received with photography, inventory description, and identification codes. We make a keen and detailed inspection of each item to ensure that it is undamaged, and we itemize any condition issues and notify you immediately with solutions.

Concierge Storage 

Their storage facilities should be organized and clean with state-of-the-art security systems. With climate-control conditions for designer furniture, artworks, and antiques. Concierge support can help you through every step of the process. If you wish to inspect an item stored at any time, they can pull it for you quickly, safely, and efficiently then present them to you. Upon the day of the install, all pieces should be pulled and prepared for a smooth installation experience.

Online Inventory 

Online inventory management allows clients to see what they have in storage, the condition, and dimensions, which is extremely beneficial when items should be delivered in phases. Viewing your items remotely provides you with the organization and clarity needed when planning each room. The company should also offer your online inventory in different formats to suit your work style.


On the day of installation, their crews should have a plan and execute the entire project. Before having the items white-glove delivered, did they make site assessments and pre-plan for organization and efficiency? Dedicated project managers plan and initiate any size project whilst skilled art handlers carefully pack, transport, and perform the final installation.

AirSea Packing has solved the logistical challenges of award-winning residential, retail, cultural, & hospitality projects worldwide. Acting as your interior design receiving warehouse, our complete suite of white-glove services provides Interior Designers with access to our teams that have assisted in redefining modern luxury worldwide.

Contact us to learn more about our white-glove logistic solutions for interior designers. Please request a quote today and let us know how the AirSea Packing experts can help with your storage & installation project. We also have comprehensive domestic transport services and can move any high-end furniture pieces or artworks with the proper advance notice.