Solutions for Luxury Retail Setup and Planning

Benjamin Glouton

Luxury retailers, interior designers, art galleries, and showrooms are all pursuing the perfect retail setup. When tasked with creating the ideal environment, logistic support is a must. AirSea Packing offers a unique service that goes beyond just white-glove delivery and shipping.

We work with luxury retail stores, exhibits, and 3rd party logistic companies to integrate supply chain solutions such as weekly domestic shipping, international deliveries, inventory management, warehousing, installation, and client support. Throughout our 50 year history, we have assisted on projects that have redefined modern luxury across multiple flagships, concept stores, pop-ups, and luxury department stores.

Luxury Store Setup

Our white-glove service meets the needs of luxury retail stores. We plan and execute any visual decorating need, such as window displays, prop placement, and seasonal refreshes. Our experts are efficient with attention to detail when packing items like works of art and valuable antiques; this ensures they will be properly shipped and installed without hassle later down the line!

All your luxury needs are covered by our team of experts, whether you’re looking to set up an in-store showroom or put on a pop-up! Our company has been known for providing exceptional customer service. In addition, we pride ourselves on being able to offer personalized solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of luxury store setup services for every type and sized venue. In addition, we have dedicated support for pre-planning; our concierge assessors come in person to meet with you and understand the scope of your project and how it will be displayed on-site!

Our skilled crews are experts in installing props, furniture, art (including hanging) – whether indoor or outdoor), and constructing displays. With our service, there’s never a mess left behind when installation is complete. We take care of all packing materials and debris so that your exhibit looks pristine in its best condition with no worries from start to finish.

Storage and Warehousing

We can provide the perfect solution when you need to store or warehouse large quantities before the setup of your luxury store. We have multiple sites for your merchandise and accessories so that they will never get lost or misplaced in our state-of-the-art facilities and are viewable through our digital inventory system.

Our in-house crate shop allows for custom crating and packaging solutions for any shipment scenario. In addition, we have experience moving delicate sculptures, fine furnishings, centuries-old antiques, and beyond. We can collect, receive, and perform an inspection of shipment contents with personalized coding. All item(s) are processed upon arrival with photography, inventory description, and tagging with unique identification codes to track storage, future retrieval, and white-glove delivery.

Updated condition reporting offers clients the advantage of knowing an item(s) condition upon arrival and allowing immediate action to new developments. In addition, AirSea manages over 550,000 sq ft of high-security, climate-controlled storage facilities, making ideal locations for storing and warehousing artwork, antiques, and unique objects.


If you want to offer your clients a seamless experience, then look no further than AirSea. We provide customized and streamlined third-party logistics for the timely distribution of fine furnishings, accessories, lighting, and artwork! AirSea’s 3PL service offers many benefits, such as controlling what goes into each shipment; knowing when they will arrive at their destination with our vertically integrated business utilizing fleet, facilities, and teams across 11 cities. In addition, we emphasize care and offer customer satisfaction on behalf of all parties involved during each logistic transaction!

AirSea can handle your logistic operations smoothly and reliably using the industry’s highest handling, packing, and transportation standards. In addition, our climate-controlled storage facilities can accommodate any specialized requirements that you have.

Our team of experts will work with you to streamline your supply chain and global distribution.  And if your project requires extensive specialty services like customs clearance, documentation work, certified translation requests, inland transportation coordination – don’t hesitate to contact us! Our organization is dedicated to providing innovative solutions around the world at every stage of the project.

We’ve helped companies redefine what modern luxury means by simplifying the process so they can focus on their core strengths; if this sounds like something that would benefit your company, get in touch today!

Contact us to learn more about our white-glove delivery solutions. Please request a quote today and let us know how the AirSea Packing experts can help with your in-store events, visual resets, seasonal refreshes, and supply chain requirements.