Hiring the Best Fine Art Handlers

Benjamin Glouton
ASP Fine Art Services handling a framed artwork.

The importance of Art Handlers

Shipping fine art is different from shipping anything else. One false move and a priceless painting can be perforated, an antique vase can crack, or a sculpture can shatter.  It’s important not to trust just any shipping company–many companies hire day laborers whose experience and knowledge are not suited to handle the various mediums of fine art and the value they hold.  

You need a company specializing in the transport and handling of fine art, they make it their life’s work to make sure that your valuables are safe, sound, and arrive in precisely the same condition they left. An Art handler’s job is challenging and requires not only refined skills but also patience, inspiration, and admiration for the artworks, artists, and industry they serve.

Here are just a few of the things to consider when looking for fine art handlers: 

What Is Their Reputation?

Just like you may read reviews of a restaurant before trying it out, it’s essential you know the reputation of the art handlers before any projects begin. Do they consistently deliver excellent work? Have there been any major problems? How were the issues resolved?

ASP Fine Art Services(FAS) is the specialized art handling affiliate of AirSea Packing and has been built on AirSea’s 50-plus years of experience and knowledge of fine art, unique pieces, and designer furniture.  Our leading reputation in the industry has been proven time and again with new and repeat projects. Within our body of work, we have completed projects as diverse as successfully transporting a 28,000 piece crystal chandelier to France to transporting a fashion show (including clothes, mirrors, light fixtures, artworks, and more) from New York to Los Angeles. 

What Type of Art Do They Transport?

When looking for an art handler, it’s an entirely legitimate question to ask if the handler has ever moved a specific kind of art before. Have they moved fine art paintings? Have they packaged valuable sculptures? Porcelain? Antique musical instruments? Glass work?

At ASP Fine Art Services, our experience and knowledge in the field have been built over 50 years. We regularly provide fine art logistics to art galleries, collectors, museums, auction houses, and luxury brands. We know our way around a precious item, and we know how to pack it best so it won’t be damaged–including keeping it climate controlled.

Do They Have a Location Near Me?

Some art handlers are based in art hubs like New York City then package and ship their items using contractors to transport them. At AirSea Packing, we control the entire logistics process for you as we have locations all across the country (and fine art partners all around the globe). With company locations based everywhere from Miami to Dallas to London to Paris, we have a network of art handlers who can transport anything, anywhere. Our network of door-to-door delivery specialists spans the world, with industry-specific speakers of more than 80 languages. 

ASP Fine Art Services

As the specialized art handling affiliate of AirSea Packing,  ASP Fine Art Services has been serving our clients as their nationwide fine art delivery service. Our expert knowledge of fine art, including fine art shipping, climate-controlled art storage, art hanging, and art installation provides peace of mind.

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