When and Why You Should Use White-Glove Climate Controlled Storage

Benjamin Glouton
White Glove Storage Facility

White-glove climate-controlled storage is an ideal option for you when you have a collection of antiques, artwork, or other valuables that you want to store securely and safely away from the elements. This type of storage provides just the right environment for your treasured items. It’s perfect for all sorts of different reasons, from protecting from mold to avoiding humidity damage. Here are just a few examples of when this kind of storage will benefit you:

When You Want To Protect From Mold

When you’re storing items like furniture and artwork for a long period, it can be difficult to keep them completely safe from mold growth. However, if they aren’t exposed to wet conditions—which includes excess humidity in the air—mold won’t have the opportunity to grow. White-glove storage protects your belongings from excess moisture by creating a climate-controlled environment for them, which is what you need to prevent mold growth.

When you have wooden furniture, white-glove storage is ideal for protecting wooden pieces. It prevents potential warping or splitting that can occur when exposed to fluctuations in humidity levels over time. Even if you believe the wood on your furniture isn’t damaged, storing it in white-glove conditions still provides peace of mind that nothing will happen during the time that it’s stored there.

When You Want To Avoid Humidity Damage

Humidity damage can occur when moisture builds up inside an item that doesn’t allow it to evaporate quickly. If this happens, the humidity can cause everything from warped wood, cracked finishes, and damage to sensitive fabrics. White-glove storage ensures that humidity levels will remain low in your unit, so nothing like this happens while your belongings are stored safely away.

White-glove storage is also great for avoiding pests like insects. This is because white-glove storage units are cleaned regularly and have security systems that allow only approved people to access them. So there’s a minimal chance that anyone or thing unauthorized (like bugs or rodents) could ever get inside of your white-glove storage unit after it’s secured. This is another aspect of white-glove climate-controlled storage, making it perfect for those who need to store items like furniture and art away from the elements.

When You Want To Make Sure Everything Is Safe

White-glove storage gives you the peace of mind that your belongings are completely secure and safe from pests, humidity damage, and mold growth, which can lead to costly repairs if not contained. By storing designer furnishings, artworks, artifacts, and antiques in a climate-controlled unit, you can rest easy knowing that everything is safe where it’s stored until you decide it’s time to reclaim them.

Having white-glove climate-controlled storage available allows professionals like Interior Designers, Architects, or Art Galleries to ensure that all of their collection is kept safe and sound while also easily accessible.  The white-glove treatment adds an extra layer of security, organization, and convenience compared to other online storage methods. In addition, with white-glove climate-controlled storage, you can be sure that you will always have access to your inventory when needed and in the state in which it was when you stored it.

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