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Property Management

As a global leader in white-glove shipping and logistics, we specialize in every kind of move, whether it is an upscale hotel, mansion, or estate. We also possess expertise in white-glove property management, right from preplanning and deliveries to unpacking and placement.

In addition, we’re happy to extend our services to tenant logistics for all your managed properties so you can rest assured, wherever you are, that your tenants and guests are being provided personalized white-glove concierge services with care, handling, and a high degree of expertise.

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Commercial Property Installations

Opening a new hotel in a different location or opening an art gallery on the other side of the world? AirSea assists with model units, lobbies, and other unique spaces. Besides the shipping and logistics of your priceless inventory, we can also receive, unpack, and install all your items so they’re all placed, ready for display, at your newest location.

Our dedicated project managers can manage projects of any size and carefully plan the project, even if it involves shipping and receiving items from multiple storage units scattered all across the globe! Moreover, our skilled teams of art handlers are adept in the packing, transporting, and final installation of all items, ranging from the most fragile chandeliers to the most valuable artwork.

  • Site assessment and pre-planning for organized and efficient execution.
  • Local collections and deliveries with unpacking, placement and removal of packing debris.
  • Dedicated project managers to plan and initiate any size project; Assisting with all inquiries from receiving, assessment to final installation.
  • Skilled teams of art handlers for careful packing, transport and final installation of artwork.
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Tenant Logistics

Our specialization in relocation, storage, and shipping helps us meet all types of requirements, no matter how unique. We understand how difficult it can be for you to supervise your different estates and properties dotted over the global landscape.

Entrust us with what we do best – shipping, logistics, and placement – so you can rest assured in the knowledge that your tenants’ and guests’ relocation, as well as storage needs, are being perfectly met. As the leading white-glove logistics company, our concierge service offers personalized, upscale support for your tenants, whether they’re looking to ship new purchases, transfer homes, or relocate. Our relocation solutions guarantee an organized and efficient execution, anywhere in the world, right from site assessment and pre-planning to careful packing, transportation, and final installation of all items.

(See Private Household Solutions for more information) 

  • Storage, relocation and shipping services globally.
  • White-glove packing, storage, shipping and delivery.
  • Personalized support to plan and execute all logistic matters.

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