White Glove Delivery Services

AirSea is a global leader in white-glove shipping and logistics.

The three pillars to our great organization are care, handling and expertise.

Est. 1966

Knowledge Passed Down Over Five Decades

We are dedicated to serving our clients and passionate about building strong, lasting relationships. 

AirSea Packing offers our white-glove delivery services with an eye on building long-term relationships. With every instance of white-glove service offered, our intention, first and foremost, is to make sure that everything arrives as it should, which is safely and on time.

Beyond that, we want to earn the loyalty of everyone we serve, ensuring the best standards in white-glove logistics are received. This pushes us to go above and beyond on our clients’ behalf. Expertise is our main asset, in addition to our on-site and in-office teams, who are the best in their fields.

The AirSea Packing Group remains a family-run business and has grown to become a leading force in the white-glove delivery industry. Our high standards set have been a consistent factor in returning clients for more than 50 years. We provide the highest level of service in white-glove logistics across all our locations.

AirSea Packing is proud to have offices around the world and a trusted network of fine art agents to offer a global white-glove shipping service. Select your nearest AirSea office below:

Detailed map with all AirSea Packing white glove delivery locations and routes


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What is white-glove delivery?

What does white glove shipping, furniture delivery & moving mean?
White-glove delivery has a strict set of standards that ensure the highest quality possible. For example, all packages are delivered securely to your door rather than left on your doorstep, which eliminates the chance for drops and slip-ups from everyday life.

With white-glove service, you also get 24-hour customer service as soon as an issue develops with your shipment – complete peace of mind!

For more information about the benefits of white-glove delivery, please click here.

Can you explain white-glove service?

Yes. It’s all about the respect, expertise and involvement you will receive throughout the process leaving you with a fantastic delivery experience. White-glove service includes client consultation, unpacking, inspection, tracking, storage, removal/disposal of packing materials, transporting your order and setting it up in the room of your choice.

Please contact us to experience all the elements that add up to our white-glove service.

What is 3PL?

A standalone business providing services such as order fulfillment, distribution, warehousing, and other supply chain management solutions over a wide geographical area to different customers on the same daily basis is known as a third party logistics (3PL) provider or an outsourced partner. AirSea’s 3PL standard includes “white glove delivery” and distribution across 14 major cities and more.

For more information about the benefits of 3PL, please click here.

Should interior designers have a warehouse?

It can be tough to find a number of resources in the design world that understand the peculiar problems that arise when designing for huge spaces, or even small apartments with no elevators. As an interior designer, you will definitely need to know where all your tools are (or work with someone who does), but also about places like wholesalers and warehouses—which can make furniture buying easy.

If they plan ahead, the whole process of furnishing their space will go smoother; they won’t be led on wild goose chases or lured into bidding wars in showrooms. For this reason it’s best to use an interior designer warehouse! It’s not only meant for consolidating pieces from furniture suppliers but also granting easy inventory control, client support, and logistic solutions.

For more information about the benefits of an Interior Design Receiving Warehouse, please click here.

Do you do house removals?

Yes, we do. We can provide a quote based on a site assessment.

Please contact us to assist on your house removal.

I live in an apartment, can you deliver to me?

Yes, we can. We would be happy to determine the access and requirements of your building when scheduling the delivery.

Please contact us for delivery to your apartment.

Can you assemble furniture?

Yes, we can assemble furniture. Based on the requirements, our team can assess assembly needs.

Please contact us.

Can you collect unpacked items?

Yes, we can absolutely collect unpacked items, assess the packing requirements and pack the items on-site.

Please contact us to collect your items.

Can you hang/install artwork?

Yes, based on the requirements, our team can assess installation needs.

Please contact us to assist with your installation.

Can you arrange all export documentation?

Yes. With our experience in international shipping, we can help you navigate the rough waters of export documentation.

Please contact us to assist you with your export documentation.

Can you arrange insurance?

Yes and we encourage you to discover the cargo insurance program prepared by our insurance carrier. As your transportation service provider, we want you to have the best protection available to anticipate any unforeseen events.

Please contact us to arrange insurance.

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"We create handmade, custom frames for high-end artworks, and FAS provides the customized transportation and installation that our clients expect."

— Clint Downing, Owner Downing Frames

"The FAS crew always provides great service, and they’re careful with the art and its surroundings."

— A Private Client, New York City

"We have worked with AirSea for years to deliver and install our store windows in US, Europe, and worldwide. They are always reliable, professional, and discreet."

— Visual Merchandising and Creative Services Manager for a worldwide fashion brand

"I work in a very fragile material, to say the least. After a project takes months to complete, I have to feel very confident in the method of transport. Working with AirSea gives me peace of mind. They have successfully sent my precious cargo to every corner of the globe."

— Miriam Ellner

"We have been working with AirSea for many years, and they have assisted us with our retail stores windows. We always recommend their services, and trust them to be professional, presentable and discreet both in the preparation of a project and while on-site."

— Luxury Fashion brand (USA and Italy)

"Their service, follow though, and attention to detail is unsurpassed. We've used AirSea for several complicated and technically challenging shipments; without their coordination these installations would not have gone as smoothly."

— Terry Wendell: Prelle | Mathieu Lustrerie | Verrier

"Rest Assured is the most professional and organized moving company I have ever used. I will highly recommend there services in the future. "

— A Private Client, Phoenix

"The team in London were so organised in delivering and installing everything I had kept in storage. They made my installation so seamless and simple, it was a wonderful experience. "

— A Private Client, London

"I have suggested your company to another of my great designers…and will continue to do so. Going forward, AirSea will be my first choice. As the saying goes…, "you get what you pay for.”"

— Luxury Outdoor Furniture Company