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Services Used: Packing and Crating, Export and Import, Shipping, Delivery, Installation

Mastering Heirloom Transportation: Shagreen Daybed

AirSea Packing recently faced a unique logistical challenge when a client inherited a family estate in Paris and sought our expertise in transporting the contents, including precious heirlooms, to Dallas. Among the treasured items was a historically significant daybed from the 1920s, crafted in shagreen, a material known for its intricate preparation through traditional French techniques.

Meticulous Research and Compliance:
Understanding the potential complexities surrounding the transportation of such a unique item, our import team embarked on thorough research to ascertain the species of the shagreen and ensure compliance with international regulations. This proactive approach was pivotal in confirming that the material was not listed as a protected species in the U.S., smoothing its lawful and hassle-free transportation path.

Client-Centric Approach:
The project was marked by our client-centric approach, where every step was meticulously reviewed with the client in advance, offering them a clear understanding of the process and potential options. This transparent communication allowed the client to make informed decisions, safeguarding against any unexpected hurdles during transportation.

Expert Handling and Documentation:
Our project manager played a crucial role in the seamless execution of this project, handling all necessary customs documentation and logistical details with precision and expertise. The client’s testimonial, ‘I’m amazed they made something so complicated, seemingly easy,’ stands as a testament to AirSea Packing’s ability to navigate the intricacies of international logistics easily and professionally.

This case study highlights AirSea Packing’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and demonstrates our capability to handle delicate, valuable, and historically significant items with utmost care and expert knowledge. For those facing the complexities of international heirloom transportation, AirSea Packing remains the trusted choice.

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