Project Story

Services Used: Packing and Crating, Shipping, Delivery, Installation

How to Get a 28,000-Piece Chandelier to France

A historic United States opera house needed their iconic 28,000-piece crystal chandelier disassembled, packed and shipped to France for restoration. Our senior site supervisors visited the opera house and developed a plan. We sent a crew of eight and uninstalled the chandelier. We packed and labeled each individual crystal and transported the items to our New York facility. We crated and shipped everything, via sea freight, to our Paris location and delivered all items to the restoration house.

Eighteen months later, we handled all of the details for getting it back to the United States where we reassembled and reinstalled the breathtaking chandelier. The expertise, attention-to-detail and teamwork exhibited on this project is an example of how we do business every day, for every client.

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