Project Story

i Lighting by Avram Rusu Studio

Services Used: Packing and Crating, Inventory Management, Shipping, Installation

LA Flagship Store Opens in Two Weeks and Everything Is in New York

The grand opening of a Los Angeles flagship store for a famous fashion designer was just two weeks away, and all of his display items were in multiple storage units scattered across New York City—with no inventory, shipping arrangements, or installation plan. Our team collected and packed all items from his storage units and photographed and provided a detailed inventory of each. From this catalog, the designer selected items for the new Los Angeles store—mirrors, vitrines, couches, side tables, chandeliers, light fixtures, rugs and more.

We packed everything at the New York facility and transported everything across the country in our climate-controlled trailer to our Los Angeles facility. A crew of six AirSea professionals worked with the designer to install display units, window displays, etc. The store opened on time and to rave reviews.

AirSea has the expertise and resources to handle big, complex projects on exceptionally short notice. Get in touch to see how we can solve your logistics needs.

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