Viva Las Vegas Every Week!

Benjamin Glouton
Las Vegas Landscape

The AirSea network now delivers weekly to the Entertainment Capital of the World!

The trust we have built comes from a long history of consistent, quality results across all ten cities we operate in; it is with this trust we are now pleased to extend our weekly delivery service to Las Vegas, Nevada.

When you have to ship, store, or keep track of high-value or bespoke items that are difficult to replace, AirSea is your go-to professional service provider for white-glove deliveries to Las Vegas and other affluent cities. If you buy or sell art, stage houses, or sets, or if you’re moving an entire home of luxury goods across town or halfway across the world, a white-glove delivery service is crucial for the security of both your items and your peace of mind.

For most things you buy, standard delivery is just that — standard. But what they don’t tell you is that your item could arrive damaged or broken or not arrive at all, forcing a frantic search across the country for your item. At times, it can become impossible to know where and when it’ll pop up or whether it will arrive intact at all. This type of delivery typically takes anywhere from two weeks to a month to reach its destination and may be augmented with some haphazard tracking that does not update routinely.

The next delivery service level is a courier or threshold service responsible for delivering your item and bringing the object across the threshold and into your home. Nothing sits outside for an unscrupulous actor or the weather to do its worst at this level of delivery service.

On the far end of the spectrum, the pinnacle of delivery services is white-glove delivery. You will receive the utmost attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence ensures that your item is looked after and cared for at each step of the way as if it had never left your side. While it costs more, the peace of mind is more than worth it, and once your item arrives, it’ll be carried inside, unpacked, and set up — all without you ever lifting a finger.

Once delivery is complete, the white-glove services continue. The team will dispose of all packing materials, boxes, crates, and secure assemblies to allocate recycling streams. When it comes to large freight or other difficult deliveries wherein damage is often an issue, white-glove delivery service minimizes the typical dings and scratches familiar with different delivery types. Opting for a white-glove delivery service offers the best solution for ensuring safe and punctual delivery each time.

Furthermore, suppose you have sensitive goods that need the utmost discretion and care. In this case, secure & confidential delivery is an essential component of white-glove service alongside updates with your item’s latest status during its journey. If you plan to be out for a few days when your item is scheduled to arrive, you can choose to move forward with the delivery in your absence or hit pause and elect to store the item in a secure warehouse until a time and place work best for you. Just keep in mind that while every request will be honored, the additional fees you pay will be an investment in ensuring a safe, discreet, and successful delivery.

AirSea Packing can handle all deliveries to Las Vegas or any other city in the USA, France, and the UK; we can’t wait to do business with you.

Please contact us to learn more about the white-glove delivery service by the AirSea Packing Group experts. Request a quote today and let us know how we can help you make a tricky delivery easier. We also have comprehensive domestic transport services, and we can store or move any high-end furniture pieces or artworks with the proper advance notice.