What Sets White-Glove Storage Apart?

Benjamin Glouton

White-glove storage is synonymous with luxury care for your items. Just as with white-glove delivery, wherein the transport, packing, and installation of your items is done with the highest level of care, white-glove storage options prioritize the highest level of care when interacting with your stored items. Punctuality and solution-driven anticipation of client needs are cornerstones of AirSea’s approach to white-glove logistics. These cornerstones ensure each job is held to and completed with the highest possible standards.

White-Glove Storage

Our storage facilities are state-of-the-art and temperature-controlled. They are meticulously maintained to ensure a clean, stable, and safe environment for your stored items. Unlike storage facilities rented by the month and by square footage, at our meticulously maintained, state-of-the-art storage facilities, your stored items will never be faced with environmental problems such as dampness, water damage, mold, rodents, or bugs.

Our storage is suitable for artwork, antiques, and all valuables. Furthermore, access to your stored items is prioritized. Should you need to access a stored item, access and viewing can be seamlessly and quickly arranged. We offer a concierge service available for selecting and directing the placement of your stored items; at any given time, a request for assistance with locating your stored items is welcome. Additionally, we offer in-depth digital inventory management, including item details such as descriptions, locations, conditions, and images of your stored items.

At AirSea, we appreciate that your possessions are valuable and must be cared for in every sense of the word. Importantly, we have constant, twenty-four-hour, high-level security services monitoring all storage spaces. In addition to standard protocols such as security cameras, we maintain updated lists of approved individuals that have been granted access to your space and stored items, as well as updated lists of individuals that have specifically not been granted access to your space and stored items. At AirSea, we believe in working with the utmost caution and care; for this reason, we offer on-site security to supplement video-taped camera footage.

Please contact us to learn more about our white-glove storage service. Please request a quote today and let us know how the AirSea Packing experts can help with your storage & installation project. We also have comprehensive domestic transport services and can move any high-end furniture pieces or artworks with the proper advance notice.