What Sets White-Glove Storage Apart?

Benjamin Glouton

What sets white-glove storage apart from the rest of the storage options you have available is the same thing that sets white-glove transport, packing, and installation apart: the highest level of care is taken when interacting with your stored items. We want to be there exactly when you need us, to anticipate your every need, to be ready with a solution before you’ve even thought of the problem, and to make sure that every job is done to the highest standards.

White-Glove Storage

White-glove storage services are nothing like a roll-up storage facility you rent cheaply by the month by the square foot. Our storage facilities are state-of-the-art. They are temperature-controlled. You won’t find any environmental problems that you’d get at a cheap storage facility or a damp warehouse: no water damage, no mold, no rodents or bugs. We keep everything clean, controlled, and private.

Our storage is suitable for artwork, antiques, and valuables.  If you need to access something in storage, we’ll make it easy to access and view. In fact, we have a concierge service for selecting and directing the placement of specific items: that means that, at any time, we have people who know wherein the storage area your needed item has been placed. No searching through boxes, peeking through (and damaging) bubble wrap to find the item you’re searching for. And it’s not just that we have your stored items written on a clipboard hanging on the wall; we have in-depth digital inventory management with item details, including descriptions, locations, conditions, and images.

And we know that your possessions are valuable, so we have constant, 24-hour high-level security services monitoring your storage space. And it’s more than just security cameras–we have lists of approved people who can access your space and who can’t. It’s on-site security, not just video-taped camera footage.

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