What is White-Glove Services in Transportation Management?

Benjamin Glouton

White-glove services in transportation management equate to the creme de la creme of logistics. Standard transportation management takes all of your valuables, packs them, and sends them on their way. They might offer some insurance coverage if something gets broken, and they do their best not to ding any corners or crack any glass.

With white-glove service, we care about making sure that everything makes it to its destination–everything–in one piece and without any damage. We know that there are things that can’t be replaced–antiques, family heirlooms, precious works of art (whether they’re done by a great artist or by your dear family member). White-glove services are needed when taking the very best care of your pieces during transportation is a requirement.

What exactly is covered by white-glove service?

First, we talk to you. We don’t just show up the morning of the move with a truck full of laborers to carry all your items out of your home or take that approach to unload the truck, either. We sit down with you, and we talk about what is important to you–what needs extra special care, what is particularly fragile, what is priceless to you.

We make sure that these valuable items are cared for with the ultimate responsibility and vigilance. If we’re packing your items, we make sure they’re handled with the utmost concern and cared for. If we need to store the items, we make sure they’re not in an environment that could damage them with moisture or other environmental problems. If we’re unloading your items at their destination, we inspect every item for the slightest damage, we place them in the proper room and set them up in the room of your choosing, and then we remove all the packing materials and dispose of them. White-glove service is the highest quality you can get in a moving, packing, and transportation service.

What other services do you offer with white-glove service?

We pack and unpack and do so with precision and conscientiousness. If you need a piece of furniture assembled, we can take care of that. If you need a painting hung on a wall, we can do that, too. And if you’re shipping something abroad, we can take care of the export services. And, of course, we’re fully insured and can arrange for insurance with third-party transporters.

Ultimately, our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied and happy with your white-glove experience. We know that moving is a stressful event and that it is scary if you have a life’s worth of valuables and priceless family possessions. We want you to be happier in your new home than you were with the former. And our white-glove service will do all we can to make that a reality.

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