6 Benefits to Bonded Warehousing

Benjamin Glouton


1) Long Term Storage

Goods may be stored in UK bonded warehouses indefinitely. On some occasions, manipulation of the goods is required to satisfy import licensing requirements, so there may be a time limit.

2) Improved Customer Service

Bonded warehousing is a significant advantage to end customers as it allows goods to be ordered and stored in advance of anticipated demand, ready to be dispatched when needed.

3) Quality Preservation

Due to the nature of what is stored, bonded warehouse facilities such as our own are maintained at a higher standard to preserve the integrity of the goods. In particular, fine art and antiques require careful handling, which a bonded warehouse like AirSea’s is more experienced in delivering.

4) Safety and Security

Again, due to the nature and value of the goods stored, bonded warehouses typically have higher levels of both security and safety to protect both the goods and those handling them. The HMRC approval process to establish a customs warehouse is subject to careful assessment and regular auditing to ensure standards are maintained.

5) Proximity to Ports and Airports

As with AirSea Packing, most bonded warehouses are situated close to major ports and airports to make it easier to receive (and export) goods.

6) Complete Suite of White-Glove Services

As bonded warehousing is a specialism, operators can often provide a higher level of service. This is very true at AirSea Packing, where we operate as your single point of contact for all logistics. We are aligned to fulfill your every need, from warehousing to full third-party logistics (3PL) and e-commerce fulfillment services.

If you’d like to learn more about how we work, feel free to request a quote to get the process started.