Why People Trust White-Glove Air and Sea Freight Services

Benjamin Glouton

When you work with a high-end logistics company every move, whether it’s across the city, across the state, or the globe, starts in the same place: it starts with a one-on-one meeting with a white-glove concierge. They will do a site assessment of your home, walking through it with you, learning all the ins and out of each object–does a painting need to be hung in a certain way? Is a sculpture precarious? Does an antique have any weak spots we need to be aware of? We want to make sure that we understand your home completely because it’s our goal to recreate your home in another place–even if that place is on the other side of the world.

And when we say that we want to recreate it, we will not be doing our job if a single thing is damaged, misplaced, or improperly installed. We want your new home to feel familiar and turnkey, with all of your treasured possessions around you, from the paintings to fine furnishings and sentimental pieces.

So, of course, we’re going to pack everything with the utmost care, and we’re going to catalog every item and every box, so we always know where any item is–and can access it–any time you need it. This is our bread and butter–this is how we’ve built our business through our white-glove moving service.

When it comes to moving pieces by air or sea, that’s our ace in the hole. Competitors cannot compare to AirSea when it comes to exports or imports.

As members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), we can book directly with the airlines, ensuring we do not have to wait on a third-party that will slow things down and make the process inefficient.

AirSea also has weekly sea freight consolidations, to and from Europe and the USA, providing competitive rates and expert service.

And when your freight arrives by sea or air, our offices are TSA and CTPAT certified, which means nothing will get hung up in unexpected security hassles. We’re prepared for that. And wherever you’re going, we’ve got you covered, with industry officers to handle all linguistic issues.

So then your freight arrives at its destination: what then? Aren’t our white-glove movers here, not there? No!

We have a network of white-glove agents who provide door-to-door services–all the services we offer right here–including storage, deliveries, installations and set up, and debris removal. All of the expert handling you receive from us you’ll get from our trusted agents.

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