What are White-Glove Movers?

Benjamin Glouton

When you hire a traditional moving company, you tell them how many rooms you have, if you have anything particularly heavy like a piano, and when they need to be there. They send a handful of workers to hopefully take care as they move boxes (that you’ve packed already) into the back of their truck, maybe using a furniture dolly for a few heavy items, and they work by the hour, trying to get everything done as fast as possible.

That’s not white-Glove moving. It’s the opposite. With white-glove movers, the first thing that we do is send a coordinator to come to your home to do a site assessment. We walk through the house with you as you tell us exactly how you’d like everything packed, stored, moved, and later unpacked and installed. We want to make you happier than you’ve ever been with another moving company.

Our team determines how many people we’ll need to do the job–not the fewest, but the most appropriate number for the job–and then we determine exactly how we’re going to pack, move, and store all of your valuable possessions. We know that everything in your home is important to you, and we’re not going to throw things into boxes; we’re going to treat everything with the care and attention it deserves.

Then we pack and move you. We don’t leave any guesswork in the plan–all boxes are marked and cataloged so that you’ll never have to guess what is in what box and where that box is in the truck or storage facility. If storage is needed, it is done so in a climate-controlled, state-of-the-art secure facility where you can always come to access any of your belongings with the help of our digital inventory and concierge services.

And when it comes time to move you into your new home, we don’t just fill your new place with boxes and leave you on your own. We unpack. We set up the furniture. We install any artwork on the walls, wherever you’ve directed us. And when all is done–no matter how long it takes to get it right–we clean up and remove all debris leaving the venue turn-key.

You’re all settled in your new home. It’s home-to-home moving, taking you from completed house to completed house. We treat every one of your possessions as though they were our own, and we take full responsibility for anything you put in our care. It truly is a white-glove service experience.

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