White-Glove Furniture Delivery

Benjamin Glouton

AirSea Packing provides a nationwide white-glove logistic service that’s here to assist your every requirement. White-glove logistics offers you the best of both worlds. You can allow your white-glove service team to handle your move for you, free from worry, and you can rest assured that things will be handled carefully so that they arrive intact and on time. But what is “white-glove” furniture delivery? We’ll explain what you can expect from a white-glove logistics service like ours below.

“White-Glove” Service

You may be familiar with the term “white-glove treatment.” It’s used in several different contexts. It basically means that whatever you’re having done, that “white-glove” service is being provided with the highest standard of care, meticulousness, and attention all the way through the process. When we think of white-gloves, we think of high-end restaurants, high-end homes, and high-end lifestyles. When you pay for white-glove service, you have every reason to expect complete satisfaction when the job is done, whatever it is.

White-Glove Moving

Yes, the term white-glove service does have an application within the moving industry. Unfortunately, many large moving companies have earned a reputation for arriving at their destinations late, for opening their trucks to reveal smashed boxes and furniture, and for basically not worrying too much about the quality of their work. White-glove moving means that your service team will protect your belongings, make sure your furniture arrives unscathed, and that it gets to its destination on time with all packaging removed after placed at the correct location.

AirSea Packing White-Glove Service

If you need furniture delivered to a new location, you hold a sentiment towards it to move it instead of selling it and refurnishing your new home or office. If this is the case, you need a nationwide white-glove delivery service that’s been earning customers’ loyalty for over 50 years.

AirSea Packing has been operating since 1966. We handle the packing, the planning, the transporting, and the delivery of your furniture, and we treat every piece with close attention to detail and meticulous expertise.

If you’re ready to see how the leading white-glove logistics company can do for your furniture, whether it’s for a showroom or your home, feel free to request a quote so we can get the process of finding out how we can help you started.